reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference: Has God Spoken?

On March 29—30, 2019, reTHINK Apologetics will gather thousands of young people, in-person and online, to give them reasons to believe the Bible is truly God’s perfect Word. This two-day event will help youth across the country "reTHINK" the way they see and talk about the Bible. By taking an in-depth look at the reliability of Scripture, reTHINK will not only provide students with evidence to solidify their own belief that the Bible is relevant and trustworthy, but it will also equip them with the confidence they need to give a strong defense against the objections trying to discredit it.

This online streaming event is perfect for youth groups, college ministries, or any middle-school through college-aged individuals. Tickets are also available to attend this weekend event in-person at Cottonwood Creek Church in Dallas, TX.


Find out why we believe God has spoken, and why that changes everything. Topics being covered during this weekend event include: "The Reliability of the Gospels", "Has God Spoken?", "The Bible is Full of Unbelievable Stories", "The God of the Old Testament is a Moral Monster" and "Science and Faith Don’t Mix".

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